Dye Sublimation & Fixation Process

This specific process is developed for Polyester textile fibres. You can choose between transfer printing (paper to textile) or direct printing with subsequent heat fixation. But also between roll-roll or single piece production.

It is possible to print directly onto the textile. The textile needs to be precoated and after printing a heat treatment is required to fix the dyes to the PES fibres. Transfer printing and direct printing both offer their specific advantages and disadvantages; They both have in common that the heat-treatment is crucial for the quality and the calender is the best technical solution.

Klieverik already delivered transfer printing production equipment at a time that digital printing did not exist yet. First machines were installed 40 years ago; industrial big drum machines processing up to 10 m/min, 40gr/m2 transfer paper printed on roto-gravure printing lines. Today, you can benefit from this in depth experience.

Single piece production

Single piece dye sublimation and fixation is used for the production of sportswear, but is ideal for any PES (coated) piece material. Bar- or doormats, cleaning cloth for spectacles, leggings are just a few examples of what is produced on our equipment

On a separate printer, the transfer paper (in the picture below shown in purple) has been provided with a mirrored printed image. After loading the transfer paper on the calender, the operator places the items to be printed (shown in orange) on the printed paper. The belt (or blanket, shown in blue) guides the transfer paper and the substrates through the calender. The drum in the middle has been set to the right temperature and the belt  provides the right amount of pressure. The ink will now be transferred from the paper onto the substrates. The protection paper keeps the belt clean and free from ink stains.

Single Piece Dye Sublimation
Typical lay-out of Dye Sublimation calender for single pieces of textile

Roll-to-Roll Production Equipment

Roll-to-roll printing is suitable for garments, fashion, home textiles or soft signage as the equipment is available in several widths.

Both the transfer paper as the substrate (in green) will be guided through the calender, where the ink transfer takes place. The fabric and paper will be rolled up separately after processing. A larger drum will enable higher processing speed.

Also direct printed textile can be fixated best on this type of equipment. Processing conditions are very similar so both process can be done on the same machine.

The GTC-series offers a great variety of widths and drum sizes. For more efficiency, the machine can be extended with equipment that facilitate quick roll change or jumbo roll. With our experience and engineering skills we have several solutions for your specific demands.

Roll to Roll Dye sublimation
Typical lay-out Roll to Roll dye sublimation calender

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