About Klieverik

Klieverik Heli BV is a dynamic company, focused on rotary thermo-processing equipment for advanced textiles. With more than 40 years of experience we design, manufacture, install and maintain innovative industrial machinery. We manufacture stand-alone equipment and complete production lines. Our highly versatile machinery provides added value and improves the efficiency of textile printing and finishing operations.

We offer solutions with rotary thermo-processing systems, also called heat presses or dwell calenders for:

  • Dye sublimation printing and dye fixation (digital/analog printing)
  • Laminating and coating of (technical) textiles
  • Thermobonding of non-woven
  • Production lines for thermoplastic composite prepregs
  • Fusing and laminating of carpet

Klieverik is based in Oldenzaal. The Netherlands, where we design and build our machinery. Our calenders are shipped, installed and serviced world wide.

RD Center

Are you intrigued about the possibilities our machines can offer you? Would you like to get a better understanding of what our technology can deliver? We invite you to visit us in Oldenzaal – The Netherlands, where we can demonstrate our technology and the various processes we offer.

We have a complete range of thermoplastic adhesives from the world’s leading suppliers of films, webs and powders in order to assist you in designing the product to meet your exact specifications.

Do you want to optimise the results, prepare for actual production or make sample material for your customers? Also this can be done at our R&D Center. Rent our facility per hour or day and we will make the required expertise available for operating the machines or even do the test for you!

Contact us and let us surprise you with our knowledge, expertise, quality, reliability and service.

Why choose a Klieverik

  • Our company history is deeply rooted in industrial machines
  • Consultative sales approach to help identify our customer’s needs
  • R&D Center to create new products establish proof of concept prior to purchase
  • Partnership before, during and after the sales
  • Service and support in parts and knowledge
  • 50 years of experience and thousands of installations in operation

Contact us and let us surprise you with our knowledge, expertise, quality, reliability and service.