Beltless fixation calenders

The beltless calender type GFC is designed for the fixation of dispersed dyes and pigmentsprinted directly on the material. Flag, banner and backlit material are ideal to process on this type of calender. The stable temperature of the thermal oil and electrically heated drum will give you consistent brilliant colours.

GFC 81-3400 beltless calender
GFC 81-3400 beltless calender for fixation of direct printed fabrics with dirpersed dyes

The following characteristics make the beltless calender a low cost machine:

  • A low investment – no belt required
  • Low cost of operation – no protection paper required
  • Low cost of maintenance – no wear or tear parts of significant value
Beltless fixation calender - GFC-series
Beltless fixation calender - GFC-series

The machine is easy to operate and suitable for (thermo-) stable materials. There is no risk of ink staining by un-fixated material as long as it is sufficiently dried and the rollers and drum are properly cleaned before start up. Heating up is quick (<1 hour) and there is no need for a cooling down period before switching off the machine.


  • Driven Substrate expander
  • Pneumatic winding shaft
Driven Scroll Expandeer option on GFC calender
Driven Scroll Expander option on GFC calander


For more information about the calender models, download the datasheet by clicking the model number.

Type Drum Diameter  Working width Throughput
mm inch mm inch m2/h ft2/h
GFC 81-1850 195 mm  7.7″ 1650 mm 64.9″ 82 884
GFC 81-2750 195 mm  7.7″ 2500 mm 100.4″ 127  1366
GFC 81-3400 195 mm  7.7″ 3200 mm 125.9″ 159  1715
GFC 101-2000 365 mm  14.4″ 1800 mm 70.8″ 165  1778
GFC 101-2750 365 mm 14.4″ 2500 mm 100.4″ 234 2519
GFC 101-3500 365 mm  14.4″ 3200 mm 125.9″ 294  3161

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