Carpet fusing calender for latex-free carpets

Klieverik has developed and engineered its Carpet Fusing Calender (CFC)®  with state of the art technology and with environmental concern in mind. The CFC stand-alone is able to replace a latex production line for pre-coating of carpets. By heating, the CFC® ensures a tuft-lock / fiber bonding over the complete working width. As a result of this bonding effect, the traditional latex pre-coat can be completely eliminated and the bonded carpet can still pass al regular testing methods. Together with the limited required energy, this results in a significant lower production cost.

CFC151-5500 Carpet Fusing Calender
CFC151-5500 Carpet Fusing Calender

The CFC® together with the Ecosafe® Laminating machine is able to produce an entire latex-free carpet by usage of scattering thermoplastic adhesive powder with a Powder Scattering Device (PSD).

The CFC is a compact machine, replacing a latex line with latex application and drying section. The external heated thermo-oil is pumped around at high speed through the special designed drum by an oil circulation system, ensuring a constant regulated flow of heated oil. The pressure roller will equalize the fused carpet backside over the total width with an adjustable pressure. The characteristics and texture of the carpet components, temperature and speed will determine the required contact or dwelling time. At start-up and at changes in speed during production, the contact area will be automatically adjusted so that the dwelling time will remain the same at all velocities, according to the initial settings. The CFC® can be installed in an existing production line or as stand-alone unit.

3D animation explaining carpet fusing on a Klieverik calender

The heating cylinder is covered with a special non-sticking material, with allows to fuse most of the carpet materials in use. The heated thermo-oil inside is constantly circulated through the inner drum, which ensures an equal temperature at all times during production at any speed.

Trajectory of the carpet in the CFC calender
Trajectory of the carpet in the CFC calender

Heavy duty rotary joint to ensure a constant flow of heated thermo-oil from an external gas boiler to the heating drum.

Adjustment of temperature, desired dwelling time and all relevant product and recipe data can be put in the PLC computer system of the CFC®. The set of controlling rollers will travel along the main cylinder, re-adjusting the carpet contact surface, synchronised with the speed of the production line. The pressure roller will equally flatten and compress the backside of the pile into the primary backing, resulting in maximum tuft-lock of the individual fibres. If the production has to be stopped, the carpet will be automatically removed from the heated drum.

Heating cylinder
Heating cylinder
set of controlling rollers
set of controlling rollers

Some features of the CFC®

  • user friendly operating system with state of the art storage of process parameters
  • equal temperature withing 1°C over the total width
  • working width can be easily adjusted
  • synchronised PLC control over dwelling time during production at any speed
  • calibrating pressure roller
  • heavy duty construction

Roller and working with of CFC®

  • working width 2500 – 5500 mm
  • roller width 2750 – 6000 mm
  • diameter heating drum 1350mm
  • mechanical speed 1-30m/min

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