The Laminating Process

The adhesion between the laminated substrates can be obtained by the use of thermoplastic adhesives (polyolefin, polyester, co-polyester, co-polyamides, TPU and specialty blend polymers) in the form of films, webs or powders. They can be easily sourced from around the globe from international suppliers. The process is a dry process which allows for product changeovers to be accomplished within minutes.

3D Animation Laminating on a Klieverik Calender

Laminating process with thermoplastic adhesive powder

Laminating with a thermoplastic adhesive powder requires a production line, equipped with a Powder Scattering Device (PSD). This powder applicator is installed in front of the calender, and will scatter the thermoadhesive powder equally over the material.

Optional is an infrared pre-heater; this module slightly heats the powder, to let it ‘stick’ better.

The next step in the process is heating and pressing the two materials together. An adjustable pressure roller provides exactly the right amount of pressure to merge the two materials.

Laminating with thermoplastic adhesive powder
Typical lay-out for laminating with thermoadhesive powder on a LFC calender and the use of a Powder Scattering Devise

Laminating process with thermoplastic adhesive film or web

For some applications, the best laminating results can be reached using a film or a web, instead of a thermoadhesive powder.

In that case, no powder scattering device is needed. The production line will then be equipped with a roller to hold the film or web. This thermoplastic adhesive is entered in between both layers of material, as shown in the picture below. The adjustable heat and pressure the laminating calender provides,

Laminating with thermoplastic adhesive film or web
Typical lay-out for laminating with thermoadhesive film or web on a LFC calender


The Klieverik Ecosafe calender is suitable for thick substrates, and substrates that are sensitive to heat, pressure or high speed lamination. The Ecosafe combines adhesive application (coating) at high speed, with the subsequent laminating of the second substrate outside the calender.

The ecosafe can operate with any type of thermoplastic adhesive powder, film or web, and creates a very versatile and highly productive line.

The Ecosafe Calender  is

  • cost effective due to high speed, minimal consuption of energy and adhesive;
  • verstile in usage: use with or without Ecosafe extension;
  • ecosafe web pagh makes all types of lamination materials possible, even rigid materials;
  • eco friendly alternative to flame bonding; no toxic fumes;
  • cost-effective: untreated and thus lower cost foam can be processed.
Ecosafe Lamination Process
Typical lay-out of Laminating with Ecosafe extension

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