Laminating & Coating Calenders (LFC-series)

Klieverik offers machinery for coating and laminating from stand-alone units to complete lines, including unwinding and winding equipment, cooling rollers, accumulators, web cutting equipment etc.

Laminating Calender + powder scatterer and frame
The LFC131-2000 Calender uses a pressurized roller, situated inside the belt, improving the bonding effect

Our calenders use thermal oil for regulating and accurately maintaining the drum’s surface temperature, delivering precise thermal conduction heat. We use a unique expansion vessel for the oil, insuring that the drum is always 100% full of oil.

LFC-131-2000 Laminating Line
LFC-131-2000 Laminating Line


  • Working widths up to 5800 mm/ 228 inch
  • Speed up to 80 m/min/ 262 ft/min
  • Drum sizes 500–1800 mm/ 20-71 inch
  • Electrically heated or by secondary oil circuit from external boiler house
  • Additional pressure rollers possible
  • Siliconised Nomex belt
  • Drum covered with Teflon sheets or coating

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