Powder Applicator (PSD)

Our Powder Scattering Device (PSD) is designed to distribute all kinds of commercial available thermoplastic adhesive powder (approximately 80-500 μ) evenly. The required amount of adhesive powder can be set with ease and this setting is then synchronized with the speed of the production line. The required working width can be adjusted stepless and asymmetric if required over the complete width.

Low amounts of just a few gr/m2 for cost effective laminating or high amounts of powder for full surface coating are possible with the same application roller, independent of the polymer type: EVA, PE, PA, PES, TPU etc.

An automatic powder supply unit for use of big bags or containers can be integrated into the powder applicator.

Powder Scattering Device
Powder scattering device for all thermoplastic powders
Automatic Powder Supply Unit
System for an automated supply of thermoplastic powder to the scattering unit

Technical specifications

  • Working widths up to 5800 mm/ 228 inch
  • Powder particle size 80–500 µ
  • Standard Powder coating weight 2000gr/min/m width
  • Content of powder container 140 L/m
  • Automatic supply available (option)
Schematic drawing of powder scatterer
Powder Scattering Device (PSD) with powder container, scattering roller and oscillating brush

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