Our calenders

GTC101-3500 roll-to-roll calender

Dye Sublimation & Fixation Calender

From the professional start-up to the industrial high-volume manufacturer, we offer the best solutions for the sign, sportswear, fashion, interior or technical industry.

LFC production line with powder scattering device

Laminating & Coating Calender

A complete range of belt calenders suitable for laminating & coating a variety of substrates, to give you the perfect match for your production requirements. Coating, laminating fusing, heat-setting; it can all be done on the same machine.

Klieverik NonWoven calender

Non-woven Thermobonding Calender

The Klieverik belt calender can be used to bond individual fibres of a non-woven or to melt the added  BiCo material only. Klieverik offers the belt calender as the most economical solution for technical applications.


Vertex: Hybrid Transfer Printing Calender

Affordable entry level machine for efficient single piece transfer printing, also capable of roll-to-roll printing.

GTC131-2000 SP FL
High Volume Single Pieces

Large drum (Ø 760mm/30” and 1070 mm/42”) equipment offering high volume in single piece printing, but also roll-to-roll capability and cut sheet jobs.

Carpet Fusing Calender
Carpet Fusing Calender

The CFC stand-alone is able to replace a latex production line for pre-coating of carpets.

About Klieverik

Klieverik Heli BV is a dynamic company, focused on rotary thermo-processing equipment for advanced textiles. With more than 40 years of experience we design, manufacture, install and maintain innovative industrial machinery. We manufacture stand-alone equipment and complete production lines. Our highly versatile machinery provides added value and improves the efficiency of textile printing and finishing operations.

Klieverik is based in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands, where we design and build our machinery. Our calenders are shipped world wide.

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