Thermobonding calenders (LFC)

The LFC calenders are equipped with a high temperature resistant belt made out of Nomex material. A silicone coating is available for a smooth surface effect on your product and easy cleaning purposes. The heating drum is covered by teflon sheets or coating, ensuring optimal releasing properties of the product.

Smaller calenders (up to 3.5 meter Width and Ø up to 1000 mm) can be heated electrically or with the use of an external boiler whilst for the bigger machines an external boiler heating is the  technical and financial sound solution.

In-Line LFC131-6000 Thermoboning Belt-Calender
In-line configuation - part of a complete non woven production line
Stand-alone configuration LFC131-6000 Thermobonding equipment
Stand-alone configuration LFC131-6000 Thermobonding equipment

Klieverik delivers its belt bonder as stand-alone units and as components of a complete production line.

Technical Specifications

  • Drum widths up to 6000mm
  • Drum diameters from 500 – 1800 mm
  • Speeds up to 100 m/min
  • Temperature 0 – 240 degrees Celsius
  • Thermo-oil electrically heated by heating elements or by means of external boiler
LFC131-6000 Thermobonding Belt-calender
Belt calender with 760mm/40"Diameter heating drum operated with Thermo-oil

For dual side effects in one passage a double drum calender can be considered or 2 LFC calenders can be installed back to back. See our LFC Double Drum calenders.

In addition, the calenders are capable to be used for coating and laminating with thermoplastic adhesives as well. Separate unwinds for an additional substrate, thermoplastic webs and films or a powder applicator can easily be incorporated. See Laminating and Coating

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