Hybrid Transfer Printing Calender

The Vertex has been designed as an affordable, entry level machine for efficient single piece transfer printing, but the calender is also capable of roll-to-roll printing. The Vertex has all you know from Klieverik: the oil based drum, robust build, compact design and ease of operation. Besides, the Vertex has also several new features, like a new shaft bearing construction and a full functional compact operating touch screen, with maintenanced instructions displayed when due.

The machine is optimized for ease of operation and is suitable for all kind of PES textiles.

Hybrid Transfer Printing Calender

This calender is ideal for the multi-purpose print shop aiming at high quality. With the Vertex, the scope of supply is fixed and the machine is offered without optional features or executions.


The VERTEX calenders are standard equiped with:

  • Textile tensioning device
  • High quality Nomex belt
  • Pneumatic brakes
  • Touchscreen

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