LFC131-3500 line with Powder Scatterer

LFC Calenders

Klieverik belt laminators are delivered in drum widths from 1850 mm to 6000 mm and are capable of reaching (increased) line speeds up to 100 meters per minute. Our solutions can be added to existing production lines or we can provide the entire laminating production line.

Ecosafe-C extention


Ecosafe is the solution for laminating at high speed or for products that have rigid, heat or pressure sensitive layers. High speeds are inherent to the concept!

Powder Scattering Device

Powder applicator

Powder adhesives are widely available and cost effective. With the Klieverik powder  scattering device you can determine width and add-on precisely.

Our complete range of LFC belt calenders can be customized to meet your specific production needs for any technical textile lamination. Two or more substrates can be combined under the influence of precise temperature, pressure and dwell time, resulting in the highest quality end products. The adhesion between the substrates can be obtained by the inherent thermoplastic characteristics of the substrates themselves or by adding thermoplastic adhesives in the form of films, webs or powders.

Laminating with thermoplastic adhesive film or web
Typical lay-out for laminating with thermoadhesive film or web on a LFC calender

The combination of the belt calender machine concept and the use of thermoplastic adhesive offers the most flexible laminating & coating technology. Long as well as short runs with quick change over times make the equipment ideal for advanced and technical products.

Coating & Laminating Equipment LFC

We offer solutions from stand-alone calenders which can be inserted/added to existing production lines or we can provide the entire laminating production line.

A typical production line lay-out is composed of:

  • Unwinding positions for substrates and adhesive webs or films
  • A powder scattering device
  • The LFC calender, possibly with cooling cylinders
  • Winding positions
  • Web tension control and web guiding devices
  • Process automation / touch screen operation / Data storage and retrieval
Laminating line for 2 substrate layers
A typical layout for laminating two substrate layers

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