Sublimation Single Piece Flowline Calenders

All kinds of materials like knits, stretch, wovens can be used for applications ranging from sports ware to heavy doormats. This calender is named Flowline because of the way the material is transported through the machine; the blank pieces are laid down on the infeed table and are then transported to the back of the calender. Here the printed pieces can easily be gathered and sorted.

GTC101-1850 Single Piece Flowline Calender
GTC101-1850 Single Piece Flowline Calender

The machine is equipped with pneumatically adjustable brakes, fume extractor  and Touch screen with recipe operation, cooling down and start up timer. The table can be extended with one or more sections.

Single Piece Dye Sublimation
Typical lay-out of Dye Sublimation calender for single pieces of textile


The calenders are standard equipped with:

  • Low tension textile unwind
  • Textile tensioning device
  • Universal unwind shaft for textiles rolls for any core diameter
  • Wind and unwinding shafts for transfer and protection paper, each with tensioning device
  • Contact winder for textileScraper blades to prevent paper or textile from wrapping around the drum and cleaning of the drum
  • Cooling down and start-up timer
  • Air pressure operated paper tension setting
  • Touchscreen


  • Extended table
  • Compressor
  • Pneumatic winding shafts
Single Pieces on the GTC 101-1850 SP FL
Single Pieces on the GTC 101-1850 SP FL
Touch Screen
Touch Screen


 Type Drum diameter Working Width Throughput 30s dwell
mm inch mm inch m2/h ft2/h
GTC 81-1850 SP FL 195 7.7″ 1650 64.9″ 59 639
GTC 101-1850 SP FL 365 14.4″ 1650 64.9″ 114 1225
GTC 111-2000 SP FL 500 19.7″ 1800 70.8″ 173 1859
GTC 131-2000 SP FL 760 30″ 1800 70.8″ 262 2824
GTC 141-2000 SP FL 1070 42.1″ 1800 70.8″ 369 3974

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