LFC131-6000 Thermobonding Belt-calender


For single face surface and bonding effects. Up to 6000 mm roller width and typically integrated in a complete non-woven production line.

Double LFC configuration

LFC Double Drum

For dual face treatment, whilst both faces can be treated with independently from each other.

NFC131-6000 Thermobonding Calender


One machine capable for treatment with or without the belt. In just a few minutes the belt is removed from the drum.

Nonwoven Thermobonding Calender

The Klieverik belt calenders are ideal for thermobonding of technical non-wovens. Due to its long contact time of several seconds, the pressure required can remain low. Optimizing the parameters – contact time (speed), temperature and pressure, the desired effect like higher tensile strength, surface smoothness, hand and (calibrated) thickness can be obtained.

Surface weights of up to 2000 gr/m2 can be easily processed. Our calenders are used for products like:

  • Acoustic material
  • Carpet backing
  • Recycled non woven
  • Geo textiles
  • Filter material
  • Under layments
Unique expansion vessel garantees 100% filled drum
Unique expansion vessel garantees 100% filled drum
External heated calender drum
A forced circulation within the drum or by the use of an external boiler system ensures that the thermal oil is replenished at a high rate.