We are all waiting for the world to resemble the way it used to be. And when this moment comes, you also want to restart your calendar. Luckily that is a piece of cake. When you go through these steps, you are immediately back in business.

  1. Perform a visual inspection and make sure there is nothing on top of the machine or on the blanket that should not be there;
  2. Grease the bearings, lubricate the drive chains, check the chain tension, check the oil level in the overflow tank;
  3. Clean the scraper blades (for roll-to-roll machines);
  4. Check the heating drum surface for any contamination (like dust, surface/flash rust – do not us abrasive materials, cleaning agents only);
  5. Turn on (main) compressor, check if 6 bar is available.
  6. Turn on electrical main switch.

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