Netherlands, May 2022 – At FESPA 2022 industry leaders in digital printing bring “on-demand printing” to life via an on-site transfer printing microfactory. Purazell Couture, Greentex by Sutex, Neenah Coldenhove, Mimaki, Inedit, Klieverik and Summa will team up to guide visitors through a sportswear production line from design concept to end product.

These last few years have revealed that prices and availability depend on global stability. Garment printing production used to be based on forecasted sales. Today’s garment printing, however, is gradually changing; items are produced after they have been sold. Traditional production meant piles of unsold garments, but also logistical challenges due to the production and shipping of goods which would not be sold and warehousing maintenance. This put a heavy burden on the environment and came with high production costs and low profitability.
Enter the new way of garment printing production: on-demand production in microfactories. This has been a complete game changer. The customer sees the product first, buys it and pays for it before production. That means no minimum, no pre-investment, no inventory and no high overseas shipping costs. With a microfactory, production order quantities can be as few as one and be produced as they are sold as opposed to pushing stock that has been pre-produced.

What is unique about a Microfactory?

  • Microfactories save a great amount of resources like space, energy, materials and time.
  • Microfactories have a small ecological footprint.
  • Transfer Printing Microfactories use no water during the process and promote the use of green fabrics, like the ones used for FESPA 2022.
  • Microfactories are easily scalable: production can be increased as the business grows.
  • Microfactories use the latest digital techniques, offer endless design possibilities and can translate the latest designs into production with a faster time to market.

It’s time to experience how a microfactory can change the rules in a colourful and dynamic environment such as digital printing. Even though evolution is necessary, the right product and partners remain the keys to success. The sportswear microfactory at FESPA 2022 is set to be a successful collaboration.

Come see the innovative transfer printing Microfactory at work during FESPA 2022 from 31 May to 3 June at the Messe in Berlin.

To visit Klieverik or our microfactory, please register here before May 25, 2022.


Fashion Design

We will show you the designs of Purazell Couture.
Purazell is a German brand of Eco lifestyle, from food supplements to healthcare products. They have launched a eco fashion line Purazell Couture.
Purazell Couture is a German company that focuses on sustainability, naturalness and luxury. This combination is unique in the fashion world. Most people want luxury but don’t get sustainability, others want sustainability but don’t get luxury. Unique natural fabric meets high fashion, is our motto. Inspired by our mother company Purazell, which produces nutritional supplements in the highest quality and sustainable packaging, we now want to conquer the fashion world.
The desire for a unique sustainable and vegan fashion label that presents a very fancy and luxurious look has led a certain input to the development of the unique artistic prints that are applied on the highest quality fabrics without any conventional pollutants.
The target group of Purazell Couture includes sustainable living people. Many of them have already reached a certain level and an important social position in society. This target group attaches more importance to exclusivity and above all to quality than to quantity. They certainly want to distinguish themselves from the majority, which is why they buy special pieces of art at auctions or support exclusive fashion labels with a certain concept of sustainability, innovation, function or even faith or belonging. |

Eco Textile

Greentex by Sutex combines its global presence and over 40 years in-depth experience in textiles to serve its fast2market customers locally. It offers the widest range of fabrics for textile printing and dyeing available.
Greentex has the mission to decrease the impact that the textile industry has on the environment. It specializes in fabrics for the fashion, swim, sports, home & interior, and corporate markets, with a commitment to develop, source and manufacture the most sustainable and differentiated fabrics.
Greentex has contributed to the sportswear microfactory at FESPA Berlin 2022 by developing a new eco-friendly fabric for its active and sportswear customers, called Amazonas ECO. This 280g/m2 knitted performance fabric is made of 88% GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certified recycled polyester yarn and 12% LYCRA® XTRA LIFE fiber.
The fabric is the ideal solution for sustainable on-demand sportswear manufacturing of leggings and tops. Besides being extremely durable, Amazonas ECO contains several special features such as wicking, dry-fit, UPF50 (high UV protection factor). Using sublimation printing ensures high definition and intense colours for a high quality personalized garment
Stand 1.2-B52 |

Sublimation Transfer Paper

Neenah Coldenhove serves customers globally and is known for its innovative paper solutions which include the invention of the dye sublimation paper category. With a continuous focus on the development of new paper applications, Neenah Coldenhove remains a leader in the digital transfer paper industry.
By leveraging collective digital print expertise, Neenah Coldenhove combines latest developments with the technical assistance/service for customers, which include new business approaches such as Microfactories.
Neenah Coldenhove’ s goal is to ensure that customers are provided with the right paper solution for their specific wishes. Choosing the right paper can optimize production output and speed.
Neenah Coldenhove’ s worldwide team is happy to assist you in your success.
Stand 3.2-B38 |


The design is printed as a mirrored image onto transfer paper using Mimaki sublimation printers.
Founded in 1975 in Japan, Mimaki is a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and cutting plotters. With a long heritage in textile printing, the company sports an enviable line-up of printing solutions and has consistently remained at the forefront of the developing digital textile print industry.
Digital textile printing provides a win-win solution for the environment and producers alike. It requires less resources, water, and energy than conventional textile printing processes, even at a higher printing quality. Furthermore, it creates less waste and eliminates the discharge of contaminated effluent resulting from offset or flexographic platemaking processes. Digital production also shortens time-to-market, while on-demand printing lowers the risk of product oversupply.
Stand 1.2-A30 |

Printing Software

Inèdit Software shapes digital solutions to improve the color management in the digital printing workflows. They produce solutions able to generate the best results, keeping them simple to use.
Hitting the digital textile printing industry through neoStampa Rip, the unique Rip Software based on RGB ICC Color Management which allows to reproduce the colors printed, regardless the printer, inks or substrates used. Anytime, Anywhere.
At the same time, Inèdit Software is specialized in optimizing processes and integrating them efficiently in their digital printing workflow, due to our innovative image management tools and departmental interconnectivity. Inèdit Software can be integrated at all stages of the microfactory, specifically by using neoCatalog software to store and organize designs, share with customers, create colorways and send directly to print and neoTextil, a pack of textile design plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop.®
Stand 6.2 – B15 |

Dye sublimation transfer printing

In the Klieverik calender, the image on the printed paper will be transferred to the polyester textile. At the FESPA Klieverik will show you the transfer printing on the VERTEX which is an entry level hybrid transfer printing calender. VERTEX is an affordable, compact hybrid calender. With this machine, Klieverik aims at the lower market segment. Smaller companies, start-ups and companies with a diverse range of activities. For this reason, the VERTEX is made versatile. It is a single piece transfer calender with roll-to-roll capacity.
Klieverik calenders are the best match to use in a microfactory, because they have the best oil heated drum which ensures you to have a consistent temperature, which is essential for the sublimation at all stages of the process. Together with even pressure of the belt, this gives the best transfer printing results.
Klieverik has been an established producer of high-quality calenders for over four decades. The newly announced machine is the first of its kind from the Dutch company. Klieverik has previously prioritized the manufacture of high end, larger format industrial models, such as GTC and Single Piece Flowline calenders.
Stand 1.2-B50 |


After printing and calendering all parts of the design, Summa’s L1810 Vision laser cutter will laser cut the materials with highest precision and perfectly sealed edges. The L1810 laser cutter is particularly suitable in a high-production environment, demanding fast processing of printed, sensitive textiles in order to achieve more throughput in less time.
Summa is a market-leading manufacturer of innovative digital cutting equipment that helps clients to cut their applications to the highest standards. For more than 3 decades, Summa delivers top-notch vinyl and contour cutters, flatbeds and laser cutters without compromise. Companies from all over the world use Summa’s cutting solutions for products in the signage, display, apparel and packaging industries.
Stand 3.2-C48 |

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