In October 2019 Simian purchased a second Klieverik. Simian is the parent company of printing sites Reclameland, Drukland and Flyerzone. All printed matter is produced from their own production hall in Westerbroek, Groningen, which has been expanded from 10,000m2 to 35,000m2 in 2020.

The Klieverik calender in Westerbroek is used to sublimate flags. “With the calender that we used until recently, the textile sizes we were planning to print could not be processed,” says internal project manager at Simian, Johan Wiersema. “Being able to process printed textiles up to 320 centimeters is essential for us to be able to continue meeting the demands of our customers”. Among other things, the sublimation process ensures,the 95% deep dye penetration into the fabric, providing the best colour output on both sides of the flag.

Simian was already using a Klieverik calender, which made the decision to purchase the new machine for sublimating ink on textiles an easy one. “We really enjoyed using the first Klieverik. The operation is simple and the operators are all positive ”, Wiersema explains the choice for Klieverik.

After delivery in December 2019, the Klieverik is put into use in the brand-new production hall in 2020.

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