TFI and KLIEVERIK co-operate in the carpet-fusing technology

Press Release  – TFI operates as the center of competence for developing and testing flooring systems. The Institute is related to the RWTH Aachen University, in Germany, and is a research center supported by and working for the international flooring industry.
Klieverik and TFI are co-operating, where Klieverik supports the development of the equipment and TFI offers its development capabilities and expertise. Together we provide the industry the platform to bring the Latex-free and recyclable carpet manufacturing to reality.

On December 11, 2019, Klieverik handed over the test and development equipment to TFI in Aachen, which marks the official start of the co-operation. Creating this new, joint, innovation and test platform will allow manufacturers of tufted or needle-felt carpets world-wide to explore the technical and commercial opportunities to create recyclable carpet concepts. Another step forward to a more sustainable environment. For more information, feel free to contact TFI or us; our project teams will be happy to follow up.

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TFI, Dr. Bayram Aslan

Klieverik, Mr John Selfhout

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