‘Doe Maar Duurzaam’: the television program in which all developments and innovations within the sustainability sector are discussed. The broadcast of 8 April is dedicated to ‘Sustainable technologies’. We visit various entrepreneurs who show how they deal with sustainable techniques and services. One company that stands out, is Klieverik.

Klieverik designs, manufactures and sells machines (calenders) for laminating and coating of various types of textiles and for various applications; such as for automobiles, interior fabrics and various technical products. These calenders can also be used for transfer printing; a process in which a pattern printed on paper is transferred to polyester textile. This is applied, among other things, to sportswear, window decoration and exhibition stands. At Klieverik calenders this is in any case a clean and dry process, so that the environmental impact is limited.

Mr. d’Hondt from Klieverik tells us more about these new technologies and why Klieverik may call itself a world leader. Curious about the story behind Klieverik, the products and work processes? Watch the broadcast of ‘Doe maar Duurzaam’ at RTLZ on April 8 at 17:00.

Doe maar Duurzaam; an informative program about a variaty of developments and innovations within the sustainability sector. This can vary from Energy to Sustainable Business and from Environment to Construction. Doe Maar Duurzaam is the total picture of various sustainability aspects to make people aware of the sustainable possibilities within every aspect of daily life.

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