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Thermo Bonding

The Klieverik belt calender can be used to bond individual fibres of a non-woven or to melt the added  BiCo material only. Klieverik offers the belt calender as the most economical solution for technical applications. The investment is relatively low compared to other machinery concepts on the market.

Due to its long contact time of several seconds, the pressure required can remain low. Optimizing the parameters – contact time (speed), temperature and pressure, the desired effect like higher tensile strength, surface smoothness, hand and (calibrated) thickness can be obtained.

Surface weights of up to 2000 gr/m2 can be easily processed. Our calenders are used for products like:

  • Acoustic material                       
  • Carpet backing
  • Recycled non woven
  • Geo textiles
  • Filter material
  • Under layments


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Klieverik has developed 4 concepts that can be used for thermo bonding of non wovens.

thermo bonding of non wovens

Advantages of thermobonding calenders

  • Contact heat and dwell time
  • Energy efficient and non-polluting process
  • Accurate control of temperature, belt guide, tension and belt pressure
  • Speeds up to 100 m/min possible
  • Reproducible production process
  • Very high uniformity of the temperature across the full width of the heating cylinder
  • Special silicone belt resistant to high temperatures
  • Special long life coating on heating drum
  • Limited shrinkage during process (by belt tension on substrate)

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