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Coating & Laminating fusing

Klieverik offers a complete range of belt calenders suitable for laminating fusing & coating a variety of substrates, to give you the perfect match for your production requirements. Coating, laminating fusing, heat-setting; it can all be done on the same machine. The calender is therefore the most versatile concept on the market.

The adhesion between the laminated substrates can be obtained by the use of thermoplastic adhesives (polyolefin, polyester, co-polyester, co-polyamides, TPU and specialty blend polymers) in the form of films, webs or powders. They can be easily sourced from around the globe from international suppliers. The process is a dry process which allows for product changeovers to be accomplished within minutes.


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The dry coating method is more environmentally friendly than wet coating systems because huge amounts of energy are saved:

    •    No preparation of the coating solution
    •    No evaporating of water or solvent from the coated product
    •    No disposal of the waste effluent

Accurate control of temperature, pressure, substrate guiding and tension, results in high quality end-products that can be reproduced over and over again. Two or more ply products can be produced in a single pass or sometimes two passes through the machine.

Products like interlinings, mattress ticking, mouldable carpet, sun umbrellas, upholstery, black-out curtain, anti-slip products, shoes, labels, shower curtains and table cloth materials can all be produced on a calender fitted with a powder scattering device or/and film/web un-winder.

Klieverik has further developed the LFC calender with an Ecosafe® execution. The Ecosafe® is combining high speed coating with external laminating of temperature or pressure sensitive materials and even thick materials. It is developed to laminate products like artificial leather, high pile velour or any stiff material, whilst other products can be laminated in the standard LFC calender.

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