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Fusing of Carpet

The Klieverik Carpet Fusing Technology can replace completely the traditional Latex pre-coat for tufted, woven or needle punched carpets. By the use of heat only at the back side of the carpet, the Carpet Fusing Calender CFC® creates the bonding of the yarns and thus replaces the traditional coating unit and dryer. The concept saves huge amounts of energy creating a return on investment which is calculated in months, not years!


The back side of the carpet is placed on the drum. At high temperatures, complete bundles of individual fibres are melted together. For this concept the melting point of the tuft fibres must be equal or higher than that of the primary backing.

Fusing of Carpet    bundle of individual fibres
    Bundle of individual fibres

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At start-up and at changes in the production speed, the contact area on the drum will be adjusted automatically by a set of movable guiding rollers.


Controlled contact time at constant temperature


The dwell time will thus be remained under all circumstances. The heated drum is covered with a special coating ensuring the fused carpet will release from the surface and can be easily cleaned. External heated thermal oil from an external boiler is pumped at high speed through the special designed drum. In combination with a thorough internal mixing of the oil an accurate and constant surface temperature of +/- 1ºC can be ensured over the total drum and process.

A calibrating roller at the exit will stop the fusing process immediately and equalize the fused carpet backside over the total width. Optional this roller can be cooled.
The CFC® can be installed in an existing production line or as stand-alone unit. ?In combination with a Powder Scattering Device for thermoplastic adhesives and the Ecosafe® Laminating calender, the CFC®-LFC concept is able to produce an entirely latex-free carpet. As a secondary backing a (recycled) non-woven or film can used of the same material as the carpet itself.

Klieverik participates in the European funded ECOMETEX project and works together with prominent partners in the industry to create a 100% recyclable (Cradle-to-Cradle) carpet.

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