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Klieverik has an expertise in rotary thermo processing equipment, also named heat press or (dwell) calender. This technology enables us to precisely control temperature, pressure and web handling to properly laminate, coat, fuse, bond and dye fixate a wide range of materials.


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A flexible technology perfect for various applications and industries.


Because these parameters can be varied over a large scale, the heat press calender is an extremely versatile machine. The same basic concept is suitable for various processes and materials:
    •    Laminating of various substrates; woven, knits, non-wovens - to each other or to films, papers etc.
    •    Coating with thermoplastic films, webs or powder
    •    Thermo Bonding of non-woven
    •    Fusing of carpet – tufted, woven, needle punched
    •    Dye sublimation transfer printing and direct fixation


The Klieverik heat press calender uses a unique pressure-less thermal oil heating concept. The advantage of this concept is that the drum is always completely filled with oil at all temperatures, ensuring an even distribution over the full cylinder and duration of the production run, regardless of line speed.

Our unique pressure-less heating concept makes it also possible to deliver heat press calenders which source high temperature oil from an external boiler. This external boiler option can lower your operating cost significantly and even contribute to a better temperature consistency of +/- 1º Celsius under all circumstances as materials running at high speed have the tendency to quickly pull heat away from the drum surface. The external boiler option may also be advantageous in geographic locations where the availability of electricity from the power grid may not be reliable leading to costly production downtime.

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