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Upcoming technical training for dealers of Klieverik calenders!

The training will be held in Oldenzaal- The Netherlands, where the offices of Klieverik are located. During this training the dealers are trained in the technical and maintenance aspects of Klieverik presses for sublimation transfer and disperse direct printing.

The training is aimed at imparting the following knowledge to your technician(s):        

•             Basic principles about our machinery

•             Installation and operator training; unloading, unpacking, installing,           connecting, operating and preventative maintenance of the machine

•             Troubleshooting machine issues

•             Troubleshooting process related issues (i.e. paper feeding/creasing)


Head of Marketing and Sales, John Selfhout explains why Klieverik is training their dealers. "A strong geographic network of dealers is very important to be close to our customers. With proper knowledge of our equipment and processes, the customer will benefit from optimal and local support. To get production started quickly, but also to have long-term access to local support in their own language and in their own time zone in which one works themselves ".


Klieverik has the expertise and years of experience to advise dealers and their customers as well as add specific options so machines can be customized. Additionally Klieverik has its own research centre to develop and produce samples solutions in cooperation with our customers.

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