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Seminar Exterior Building Textile - with outdoor wallpaper

The answer was discussed in Deventer at the Industrial Heritage Foundation on the 8th of March. It was an initiative of, among others, Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

Saxion University has taken the initiative for this seminar to discuss the possibilities, get ideas and come up with new developments in the construction sector with regard to textiles used in the exterior. Possible applications of textiles in the outside world were discussed such as partitions, renovation, making resistant to earthquakes and even outside wallpaper!

Outdoor Wallpaper 'heated' by Klieverik

The outdoor wallpaper is an idea of MODINT Project 3D textile structures and the design of the architect Maarten Douwe Bredero. It’s developed by Saxion and a number of textile companies in Twente including JB Textiles and Klieverik.

The PSA layer (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) has been laminated at the back side of the wallpaper using heat treatment on a Klieverik calender / heat press. The PSA  ensures that the wallpaper is easy to attach to, for example, outside walls.

Watch the video here at youtube

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