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On FESPA in Hamburg this year size does matter! We will present our new machine for extra large format printing, the GTC 111-5400 and our new high capacity single piece transfer printing calender, the GTC131-2000 SP FL.


Size matters

It is all about big, bigger, biggest. Imagine how it would be if you could offer 5 meter wide digitally printed textiles! In our machine design we made all necessary provisions to ensure ease of operation. Because of the incorporated easy feeding it only takes two persons to feed the calender.

The GTC111-5400 offers best possible:

  • fixation results;
  • handling of 5 meter widematerial;
  • solution to work with 5 meteras well as narrow width shafts from direct textile printers;
  • reliability and consistency bythe use of multiple heating elements over the full width;
  • modern machine with touch screen operation, pneumatic tension settings, incorporated textile through feed.

Bigger, faster, better

On display will be our new high capacity single piece transfer printing calender with 760 mm / 30 “ heating drum, the GTC131-2000 SP FL. This machine features:

  • single piece transfer printingas well as roll-roll functionality;
  • long glass table;
  • movable separation bar for easypaper feeding.

This presentation marks the extension of the GTC product family and will completed by a 3.2 meter / 126 “ Roll-Roll machine as well as a 1 meter /42” drum diameter calender.

Of course the GTC101-3500 large format transfer and fixation calender with 365 mm / 14.4”diameter drum will be in operation. This machine matches todays professional digital printed generation and offers the highest print quality with best possible brilliant and true dark colors.

Interested? Visit us on FESPA in Hamburg (GER) from May 8 -12 on booth B6-C70.
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