Equipment for advanced textile
The working of our heat press or (dwell) calender
From technical textiles, recyclable carpet to printed textile and promotional items
Digital printing
Best sublimation and fixation of dyes by very constant temperature


Equipment for advanced textiles

Klieverik is a world leader in industrial rotary thermo-processing equipment (calender/heat press) with an expertise in technical textiles, non-woven, carpet, digital dye sublimation transfer and direct printing. Our core technology uses precise temperature, pressure and web handling to laminate, coat, fuse, bond and dye fixate a wide range of substrates. This enables our customers to create new ‘added value’ products and to make a contribution to their profitability.


Our solutions offer a very high degree of versatility to your production capabilities. Several processes and a wide range of substrates can be treated on the same machine configuration.

Our equipment is uniquely flexible to address short run, just in time manufacturing and is also fully capable of long production runs. We offer you solutions at widths from 1.8 meters to 6.0 meters and line speed capable of 100 meter per minute.

Why Klieverik
    •    Our company history is deeply rooted in industrial machines
    •    Consultative sales approach to help identify our customer’s needs
    •    R&D Center to create new products establish proof of concept prior to purchase
    •    Partnership before, during and after the sales
    •    Service and support in parts and knowledge
    •    50 years of experience and thousands of installations in operation

Find out more about the uniqueness of our technology, or about typical applications that might also be suitable for you as well.

Contact us and let us surprise you with our knowledge, expertise, quality, reliability and service.



Tuesday 20 Januari 2015
Seminar Adhesive
Klieverik participated in the seminar adhesive organized by Dakota-Belgium. The seminar, held in the Czeck Ski resort near Spindleruv Mlyn and the Polish border, was a 2-day event and presented all of the aspects of thermoplastic powder for laminating and coating.
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Tuesday 2 December 2014
The choice between transfer printing and direct sublimation printing
What is the difference between transfer printing and direct sublimation printing? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How is the quality of the print? And what is the best solution for your specific product or process?
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Tuesday 2 December 2014
VISCOM – ‘Oh, we didn’t know Klieverik sells beltless calenders’
In November we were at Viscom in Frankfurt. We showed two calenders. A GTC 101-1850 and a GFC 81-3400. Especially the GFC beltless fixation calender got a lot of attention. ‘Yes, we also have beltless calenders, didn’t you know?’, was a standard answer of our Klieverik team at Viscom.
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