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Thermo Processing Equipment for Technical Textiles

Klieverik is a world leader in industrial rotary thermo-processing machinery (calender/heat press) with an expertise in technical textiles. Our heat press calenders are able to coat, laminate, fixate, dye-sublimate, dye-fixate all kinds of technical textiles. We also offer solutions for thermo bonding of non wovens and carpet fusion andlamination.


Why Klieverik

  • Reliability of the machines
  • We use the right technology and have the know-how
  • Partnership
  • High service level

Sustainability, reproducibility, low energy usage, environmental concern
With our heat press calenders you are able to create economical, environmentally friendly and energy saving production methods. Even higher production speeds are possible together with improvement on process control.


At our Technicum we perform tests together with you, our customer, to find the best processing technique for you product.


We stand for versatility, reliability, quality and service. Contact us to make an oppointment.

Digital Printing
Especially for the Digital market we developed our GTC heat press calenders. These machines have an improved ergonomic design and are available as roll-to-roll and single piece calender.

Get inspired by the brilliant colours due to an even temperature of our heat press calender and contact us for more information.



Tuesday 1 July 2014
The new GTC 101/1850 SP/FL is available
After a successful introduction of the GTC 81/1850 SP- FL with a 195 mm drum, we now proudly present to you the GTC 101/1850 SP-FL with a 365 mm drum.
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Thursday 26 June 2014
Klieverik and Graphix Supply World together at FESPA Africa 2014
Graphix Supply World, our distributor of our dye sublimation and transfer printing calenders in South Africa region is attending FESPA Africa 2014.
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